The whole point of the World Wide Web is to have conversations. It’s not about broadcasting media or message. It’s about generating response, and responding to the response, a never-ending conversation. Does email marketing really start or continue a conversation?

The Email Newsletter

To be successful at email marketing you not only need a service like mailchimp, but you also need a Mark to make sure your technical side is in order to achieve reasonable delivery rates (unless you’re all good on your SPF records and whatnot.) Here’s why I don’t prioritize email marketing:

One-Way Communication

Email newsletters are the antithesis of a conversation. Unless you are specifically aiming to get recipients to read and respond to blog or social posts, and are skilled enough with words to achieve those clicks, you’re just talking at people. Always shoot for talking WITH people.

Phones Chirp Too Often

We’re all a little lazy about setting up notifications on our phones. Yet we’re all annoyed by the default noises announcing an email we didn’t ask for or a spammy text about unpaid student loans. Do you really want to begin a conversation with a beep?

Limited Audience

With a Google-friendly blog post you can infinitely grow your audience. With an email newsletter your audience is limited to your list (unless you’re a genius at creating viral emails.) Of course, it’s important to communicate directly with your customers. I don’t want to downplay the effectiveness of custom, targeted emails from a company that has the resources to do so. But we’re talking priorities here for small businesses doing their own marketing.

Email Marketing is Over

Talk Back

Tell me why I’m wrong. I’m not a marketing expert. I just play one on the internet. And the reality is the internet changes every second of every day. What do any of us know? Please comment below (don’t email me.)

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