Pivot — is it the most overused Covid Times business buzzword?

Of course, your business should be agile. Not just because we’re in the midst of a pandemic, but because there will always be road blocks, deaths, tornadoes, rice shortages, absurd laws from bureaucrats who’ve never run a business, thieves, studies showing grapefruit makes you smell younger, hangovers, and allergies. You never know when a sneeze can kill your market.

Being an entrepreneur means you have more than one idea, that shifts in the marketplace spark new strategies, that political changes or legal barriers inspire nimble moves.

So which businesses are doing well in Covid Times, deftly navigating a new kind of market? Breweries that can their beer for one. With the closure of bars and restaurants, and the move toward takeout and eating at home, Covid put the kibosh on keg sales. And outdoor happy hours are the new, hip thing (always a thing for us here in Western Maine — glad to see the outdoor happiness spreading.) I don’t know about everyone else, but these days I roll with a cooler in my car. No one wants to carry around glass bottles to have a beer by the river. Cans are where it’s at.

Some restaurants have started canning cocktails as their pandemic move — yes, I will take a case of Palomas please! Coffee shops have started canning cold brews, perfect for the post-surfing drive home. Some crafters are even throwing together coffee and THC. Way to know your audience Empyreal Beverages! Is there a better combo for Covid Times?

Another Maine company, who’s been growing and hiring during the pandemic’s economic downturn is Flowfold. Flowfold manufacturers upcycled wallets, backpacks, dog gear — and now face shields. While they describe face shields as their pandemic pivot, it’s really a continuation of who they are and what they do. Community, adventure, environmental responsibility, and sustainability were already their core values. Manufacturing face shields for health care workers (now producing over 50,000 per week,) fits Flowfold’s values and abilities. Truly a company that gets how to go with the flow.

You be you. Go with the flow. Two cliches to get your biz through Covid Times on a high! Throw your platitudes in the comments below (or better yet, show us some cool moves made by agile businesses.)

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