Selling Poop Chews During a Pandemic

Bissell Brothers Beer

The economy must go on. We know this as we shelter at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most small business owners are putting community before profits (at least here in Maine.) But many marketers are deaf to the overriding uncertainty, and trying to sell us stuff we don’t need at a time when we’re unlikely to buy.

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Google My Business Is Calling

Google My Business

Google defines your online business identity. Take control of how Google is branding you by answering the call of your Google My Business listing – look it up, claim it, respond to reviews and questions, add photos, posts events. This is the single most important piece of your web presence.

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Be a Human… or a Cat

Welcome Humans

There’s a reason Facebook is so popular. It’s the faces. We may be staring at screens as we connect over the internet, but we’re humans staring at screens where we want to see other humans. Whether Facebook, your website, or the front door of your business, it’s important to be human. This does not mean you need to litter your website or social media with selfies (though smiling faces do equal likes.) Being human on the web means writing with voice, highlighting the people behind the company, making visitors feel welcome.

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