On a whim I posted a poll on Facebook to see who might be interested in some online marketing workshops. The response was overwhelming. I’m not sure where so many friends got the idea that I know something about this stuff (have they actually seen any of my work? We’ve never even had a website here at this business we’ve been running for over 20 years.)

The workshop idea stemmed from a request from the director of local Montessori school, Maine Mountain Children’s House, to do some formal training with staff on social media. Initially reluctant to do anything formal, I asked if we could just chat web things over beer instead. Got a hard no on that. The next morning, boosted by coffee and thinking this just might be interesting I launched into a document of ideas about the preschool’s online presence. Then of course I realized, “why do this for one organization when I could help all the friends who regularly send me web questions?”

The main goal with the workshops is to help business owners and organization leaders build and manage their own web presences. We don’t know developers or marketing firms who can help. When we turn down jobs we have no one to refer people to. Freelancers like us generally have too much work, and marketing firms overcharge for questionably effective work.

So workshops it is! We’ll begin at Rolling Fatties with small groups (first dates posted here,) and if it goes well then move onto other crafty Maine establishments. Also stay tuned to our blog where we’re giving away all our most confidential marketing secrets – eg SEO stands for do whatever Google wants.