Facebook Creeping Isn’t Just for Exes

Who likes your posts? Where do they check-in? What else do they like? Which Facebook groups do they participate in? Where do they live? What do they share? Where did they go to school? Music tastes? Even if their music taste isn’t relevant to your message, feel free to judge them for it.

Building Audience Profiles

When developing a Marketing Plan or writing a blog post or creating a Facebook ad, you tailor your message to your audience, and in the case of the ad you choose your target audience based on demographics and interests. That audience is not a single person, or rarely even a single demographic. It helps to use people you know, or people get to know by stalking them on Facebook, as stand ins for each demographic. Then you have a complete picture of the people in your audience, rather than generic info: married 30-something living in Boston suburbs who likes motorsports.

If your brother-in-law fits the profile then you know a lot more specifics. He drinks Bud Light, follows NFL updates, and goes riding with a group from New England Sled Talk. You also know he went to a Nickleback concert a few years ago (it’s why you can’t hang out anymore.) With an actual human representing this audience, you know which jokes to make, what visual will draw him in, and even how many words he will actually read.

To All My Friends

I’m writing all these blog posts for friends — Facebook friends who thumbs upped my initial test for interest in internet marketing workshops, friends who’ve asked me marketing questions over the years, friends I’ve collaborated with on event promotion. With their smiling faces in my head, I can impart a friendly tone. And I’m not too worried about typos or grammatical errors because my audience all runs their own businesses or organizations, and is too busy to read thoroughly.

Show yourselves and show off your businesses! Say hi in the comments so I know you read headers.

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