Smith & Dunn, have a long, varied history of internet shenanigans, (jobs and businesses.) Smith once held important titles like Director of Engineering. Dunn once held three C-level titles simultaneously: CMO, CPO, CPU.


Depends what sparks our interests. We’ve built and marketed online stores, developed software for political campaigns, brought life to an adventure lodge’s internet marketing, created an online community before Mark Zuckerberg graduated high school.


We’re generally hiding out in the Maine woods but can be spotted at Rolling Fatties or the Orange Cat Cafe in the sweet town of Kingfield. Urban appearances in Portland also happen regularly. Our websites hang out on servers at FirstLight in Brunswick, ME.


Solid question. One you should ask before you spend time and money on your web presence. A whole lot of why coming soon to our internet marketing blog, and CHAOS U workshops across Maine (wherever there’s good beer, a screen, and people who want to learn.)


We’re only two people. We love to travel and play outdoors. While chances are slim that we want to build your website or manage your web presence, we’re aiming to create a resource here to help you do it all yourself.

For quick and easy do-it-yourself websites see Squarespace. We may find WordPress quick and easy, but our friends who have built their own sites disagree. I’d take their word for it. If you’re going to use WordPress choose a theme without bloat, like this here U-Design.